Terms and Conditions

ASRI Living is a loyalty app provided and powered by ASRI (a subsidiary of Agung Sedayu Group) Malls.
ASRI Living membership is a user with an official account number that is verified on our system and eligible to join any of ASRI Living programs.

Terms and Conditions:

Please read these ASRI Living terms and conditions slowly, carefully/carefully. By joining ASRI Living, you agree to the terms and conditions that apply.



1a. ASRI Living membership is obtained free of charge by registering your identity through online registration through the ASRI Living application.

2a. ASRI Living membership is open to Indonesian Citizens (WNI) or Foreign Citizens (WNA) with a minimum age of 17 (seventeen) years and over on the registration date for the ASRI Living program.

3a. ASRI Living membership is closed to all tenants and/or tenant employees of the Agung Sedayu Real Estate Indonesia Group and their entire families.

4a. All participants are required to fill in data and provide current, accurate, correct, and complete information about themselves during the registration process and to keep updating with the latest data and verify identity using a valid Resident Identity Card (KTP) through the ASRI Living application. If it is found that the information you provided to us during registration is inaccurate or incomplete in any way or that you have provided incorrect or misleading information, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your membership.

5a. ASRI Living membership is limited to 1 (one) ASRI Living membership number per individual and cannot be transferred/transferred/owned jointly. If it is found that a member has more than (1) one ASRI Living Membership Number, then the member must choose a Membership Number that they want to use with the points listed on the ASRI Living Membership Number. Unused membership numbers will be automatically deleted through the system.

6a. These terms and conditions may change at any time at the discretion of ASRI Living management without prior notice. You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions as amended from time to time.



All ASRI Living members have the opportunity to earn points in the following ways;

1b. Shop at ASRI Living’s tenant and/or partner locations (can be seen in the ASRI Living application)

2b. Purchase receipts can only be exchanged by the relevant ASRI Living membership, and may not be given to and/or exchanged by other consumers.

3b. The number of ASRI Living points earned by ASRI Living membership will be calculated by the computerized system based on the applicable terms and conditions with a maximum total of 100 (one hundred) points per day.

4b. Points can be earned by exchanging the original shopping receipt on the same day according to the transaction date stated on the receipt through the Mobile Collect feature in the ASRI living application until 11:59 WIB or by walk-in through the concierge by showing the ASRI Living application. The exception for shopping receipts that are printed after 21.00 WIB on the same day, the rewards collection process can be carried out no later than H+1 with a time limit according to the mall’s operating hours or 11:59 PM via Mobile Collect.

5b. Original Receipts and sales drafts must be taken for scanning and stored as documentation by the Management of Sedayu Real Estate Indonesia.

6b. If the ASRI Living member has not updated the data on the ASRI Living system, the member is required to verify the data by providing a valid Identity Card (KTP).

7b. If the ASRI Living member does not meet the terms and conditions in all points 4b, 6c, and 7c, the ASRI Living management has the right to refuse the transaction.

8b. Points will not be credited to your account until your purchase receipt validation process is declared valid/successful.

9b. ASRI Living Management reserves the right to refuse any purchase receipts that are deemed invalid in accordance with ASRI Living’s policies and every decision of ASRI Living Management is declared final, absolute, and binding. ASRI Living Management reserves the right to cancel/delete/or reduce points that have been credited to your Account at the sole discretion of ASRI Living Management.



ASRI Living points are earned in accordance with the provisions of spending per category with calculations determined by ASRI Living Management and based on a computerized system with the following details:

1c. Category Rp. 50,000 = 1 ASRI Living Points.

#PASARMOI Market, Dotonbori, FoodPark, Hubite, Market Place Ashta &  Tenant Island.

2c. Category Rp. 100,000 = 1 ASRI Living Points

Fashion & Accessories

Food & Beverage

Department Store

Books, Stationery & Souvenirs,

Children’s Ware, Toys & Games

Hair, Beauty & Spa,

Entertainment & Hobbies (ex FLIX Cinema, Ganara etc)

Wellness (optical, Healthcare & Pharmacies).

Fitness & Shoes Sports

3c. Category Rp. 500,000 = 1 ASRI Living Points



Electronics /Gadgets


Services (Professional Personal Services – Skin Care, Dentist, Car Grooming),

Home & Living (Furniture & Home Appliances)

4c. Category Rp. 5,000,000 = 1 ASRI Living Points

Jewelry, Tour & Travel.

Note: Multiple points apply in one transaction receipt.

5c. Terms of Points and Transaction Receipts:

A maximum of 5 (five) transaction receipts for the Food&Beverages (F&B) tenant category

A maximum of 5 (five) transaction receipts for the category of Non-Food & Beverages tenants

A maximum of 2 (two) transaction receipts for the Supermarket (Groceries) category with a maximum total of 6 (six) points per day.

A maximum of 2 (two) transaction receipts combined for the Jewelry, Tour & Travel category with a maximum total of 20 (twenty) points per day.

Note: Any Payment and/or Purchase transactions using vouchers and/or voucher purchases at Tenant are not entitled to collect points.

6c. Value and Type of Receipt / Proof of Purchase:
  • The shopping receipt to be exchanged must be an official computerized shopping receipt or cash register, which is bearing the name of the Mall Group Agung Sedayu Realestat Indonesia, and/or the transaction code number is printed and issued by the Tenant who is at the Mall Group Agung Sedayu Realestat Indonesia.
  • Receipt/Proof of Spending received is Original Receipt (not re-print/copy/pre-settlement/perform invoice/guest check/order check and/or the like).
  • Copy receipts are only allowed for guaranteed products/services. The original receipt must be stamped “Collected” before being returned to ASRI Living members.
  • Receipts that cannot be accepted if they are in an unreadable condition, damaged, torn, wrinkled, and/or unfit in accordance with the terms and conditions applied by the Agung Sedayu Real Estate Indonesia Management.
  • Every purchase above IDR 1,000,000 which is stated on the receipt must be accompanied by a debit slip/credit slip/proof of transfer from the bank, but for purchases below IDR 1,000,000, the condition of the debit slip/credit slip/proof of transfer is optional.

Note: Acceptable Manual Receipts:

  • Manual receipts must be accompanied by the tenant’s stamp and the signature of the Tenant cashier if the transaction is cash (cash).
  • Acceptable manual receipts are manual receipts accompanied by debit slips/credit slips/transfer receipts, if the receipt is not accompanied by the Tenant’s stamp, the cashier’s signature debit slip/credit slip/transfer proof, then the receipt cannot be accepted.

7c. The receipt is only valid for tenants registered with Agung Sedayu Real Estate Indonesia and does not apply to the participants below;

  • Bill payment via ATM/Bank (telephone, electricity, cellphone, etc.).
  • Foreign exchange.
  • Purchase concert tickets or event/exhibition entrance tickets
  • Purchase telephone credit vouchers, purchase shopping vouchers, purchase gift cards/membership. cards/customer cards/loyalty cards issued by tenants/brands, both permanent tenants and temporary stores.
  • Top-up/balance or another gift card/membership card/customer card/loyalty card points.
  • Transactions at the time of the exhibition (exhibition) and payment using insurance.



ASRI Living Points earned and/or collected from each transaction will expire on December 31st  each year.



  • Point redemption can only be done by ASRI Living Membership, by showing the ASRI Living application and identity card holder of Resident Identity Card (KTP) for Indonesian citizens or Temporary Stay Permit Card (KITAS) for original foreigners who are still valid.
  • Points can be exchanged for e-vouchers or products available in the ASRI Living application while supplies last;
  • ASRI Living members can exchange points/gifts/products according to the terms and conditions that apply and are set by the ASRI Living Management.
  • Prizes that have been redeemed cannot be exchanged for cash, returned, or canceled for any reason.
  • Points will be automatically deducted after the prize redemption has been made.



ASRI Living members who have the opportunity to get Gifts / Rewards through shopping programs or shopping programs must follow the terms & conditions that apply to each program with the following conditions;
Shopping receipts owned by ASRI Living members can be exchanged to get 1 (one) benefit/reward available in 1 (one) transaction with options including;

  • ASRI Living Points,
  • ASRI Living E-voucher,
  • Prizes in the form of goods/tenant vouchers, or Lottery numbers.



1g. Every member who has registered as ASRI Living is prohibited from using the ASRI Living member number outside of its designation in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this article such as:

  • Trading ASRI Living Membership Numbers
  • Misusing purchase transaction receipts and other forms of irregularities
  • Misuse of the ASRI Living Membership Number is the personal responsibility of the ASRI Living Membership Number holder

2g. ASRI Living has the right to cancel membership if it is found that a member has more than 1 (one) membership number and provides false and inaccurate information.

3g. If the system in the ASRI Living application is damaged and/or experiencing problems, then each ASRI Living Membership is required to immediately report the matter to the ASRI Living Counter/Concierge by showing the ASRI Living application and attaching a copy of the Identity Card (KTP) for Indonesian citizens. or original or copy of Temporary Residence Permit Card (KITAS) for foreigners. Based on this report, ASRI Living has the right to block ASRI Living Membership accounts that are damaged and/or experiencing these problems.

4g. If a suspicious shopping receipt is found, the ASRI Living officer has the right to refuse the transaction receipt, except in the event that the receipt can be verified by the tenant concerned.

5g. If it is proven that ASRI Living membership collects shopping receipts that do not belong to him intentionally or unintentionally to exchange points, ASRI Living has the right to block ASRI Living Membership and must replace the total number of transactions collected in accordance with the provisions of the Supreme Management of Sedayu Realestat Indonesia.

6g. ASRI Living management will take unilateral steps to collect shopping receipts/proof of purchases, as follows:
– Elimination of all previously earned ASRI Living points.
– Tenant blacklist if it is proven that the tenant staff is involved either intentionally or unintentionally.
– Leaving shopping receipts scattered at tenant locations so that they are taken by ASRI Living members.
– Using other ASRI Living members’ shopping receipts for personal or partner interests.
– Give receipts to other ASRI Living members, whether with rewards or not.

7g. The terms and conditions for collecting ASRI Living points can change at any time without prior notification to ASRI Living members for any reason in accordance with the provisions set by ASRI Living Management.

8g. The decisions made by ASRI Living Management are absolute and cannot be contested.

9g. All ASRI Living member data is confidential and will only be used for the benefit of the Agung Sedayu Realestat Indonesia program unless required to be disclosed based on applicable laws and regulations.

10g. The benefits and privileges of the ASRI Living Membership are only intended for the owner of the ASRI Living Membership and cannot be transferred.

11g. Agung Sedayu Realestat Indonesia reserves the absolute right at ASRI Living’s sole discretion to take unlimited action to determine sanctions for any fraud or violations committed by members.

12g. Each of these terms and conditions is separate and distinct from each other and if at any time, one or more of these terms and conditions or any part thereof becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality or enforceability of the other provisions will not be enforced. affected or disturbed in any way.

13g. You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and all terms and conditions governing the use of such facilities, benefits or services in connection with your membership, which may be changed from time to time.



ASRI Living Management